Buying guide for RC Helicopters: Considering what should be consider

RC Helicopters or RC drones or any other air or heli craft are one of those things, of which people are crazy and eager to buy. The popularity of Small course racing is demanding the rise of brands that mushroomed in market. At this level, When you starting your first step towards the RC helicopters or drones, you will be confused what to buy and what to not. So there are some factors which ensure the product you will buy will best in its quality. There are online stores from where you can buy RC helicopters and even drones like Blade Inductrix FPV in various price and model ranges.


Factors to consider

The RC helicopter onderdelen (parts) are important to understand before buying and so its component.

  1. Power source: While you buying a RC Helicopter; you should check out the power source that either it is electric or internal combustion engine.
    1. Electric: It comes with rechargeable batteries whose power measure in watt. Usually the battery uses in electric RC helicopter is Nickel-cadmium, Lithium polymer ( LIPO) etc.
    2. Gas powered: Internal combustion engine is gas powered engines which are less in common.
  2. Pitch : there are fixed pitch and collective pitch to chose from where
    1. Fixed Pitch: it is where rotor blade does not change their angle which helps in lowering and raising the helicopter without changing rotational speed of blades.
    2. Collective Pitch: Ideal for new hobby persons as easy to control but response is comparatively less quick than fixed pitch.
  3. Channels: there are helicopter functions which particularly dedicated to different channel numbers like yaw and throttle where yaw means turning the direction of helicopter right or left and throttle is speed of main rotor blades.
  4. Size: Differentiation by the size of the helicopter also is factor to consider while buying as they are available in micro, small, medium and large.

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