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Android Hacking Tools 2016 (Updated)

Android Hacking Tools 2016 : Here is the best Download and Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools of   2016.Android is the colossal Mobile OS ever manufactured for mobile. You can do heaps of examinations and astounding things with your telephone. Android is not only a machine, It is completely highlighted computer machine.When you established your android mobile ,you increase complete access your android mobile.

Android Hacking Tools 2016 (Updated)

Android Hacking Tools 2016 (Updated)

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  • Android Hacking Tools No Root 2016.

Android Hacking Apps 2016

  1.    Arpspoof

Arpspoof is a tool for system evaluating initially. This application sidetracks activity on the nearby system by fashioning ARP answers and sending them to either a particular target or every one of the hosts on the neighborhood system ways and Easy to use.

2.  Droid Pentest

Droid Pentest assist you with finding all android applications for entrance testing and hacking so you can make complete infiltration test stage . It is one of the Best Android Hacking application 2015.

3.  DroidSheep

DroidSheep [Root] is an Android application for Security investigation in remote systems and catching facebook, twitter, linkedin and other accounts.DroidSheep was produced as a tool for testing the security of your records and depends on my Bachelor postulation with title ‘Session Hijacking on Android Devices’.

4.  Droidsniff

DroidSniff is an Android application for Security investigation in remote systems and catching facebook, twitter, linkedin and different records. It is one the best hacking applications however was created for security purposes.

5.  Dsploit

Dsploit is an Android system investigation and entrance suite which plans to offer to IT securityspecialists/nerds the most finish and progressed techniques.It takes a shot at established androids.

6.  Faceniff

Your Facebook record is at danger, much the same as a Firesheep (for firefox hacking) there is aFaceNiff for seizing the session of renowned long range informal communication sites incorporatesfacebook and twitter. FaceNiff is produced by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz who made Firesheep before however faceniff is for android OS.

Root Android Phone Without Computer 2016

Root Android Phone Without Computer 2016 : Here is the simple trick to how to Root android phone without using of computer of any version of android.Here is also advantages and disadvantages for Root Your Android Phone.A hefty portion Of time we get anxious of rooting our versatile we imagine that Our guarantee may get void and Guys I have rooted numerous Mobile in my life there is constantly fruitful strategies accessible for instance a single trick root Applications which works essentially a great deal. so which are those application? Which can Root MTK gadgets and Methods Which can be use without Computer. Top applications for Rooted Android Phone Users. After Root your Phone, your Phone will help up and you can open it for doing different applications and a great deal more things. This Guide will work amazingly well for you with no issues by any stretch of the imagination. Beneath, i have specified a few applications, as Framaroot, vroot, Z4root, Towelroot, Kingroot and others.

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Root Android Phone Without Computer 2016

Root Android Phone Without Computer 2016

   Root Android Phone Without Computer 2016

In These days, Android OS is extremely inclining. A few Peoples wanna attempt some trial applications, which needs your Phone to Be rooted. and Some android clients don’t have any Pc. So checkout this how to root android without pc Guide.You can hunt Guides on Google with your Device name for Root Your Phone. Additionally checkout how to crash your friend’s whatsapp account or group.

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#. What is Root : Root Android Phone Without Computer 2016

Rooting is an Experimental Way to Unlock your Phone for Doing different Experiments in it, such as evacuating System applications, Customizing it, and Make a few changes in System documents. Before rooting your Phone, at first you must realize that why you have to Root your Phone, and What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting your Mobile Phone. So checkout this full root android without pc android phone Method.

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So do checkout full system from underneath for rooting your Smartphone effortlessly. There are additionally some more Hidden Advantages and Disadvantages for Rooting Android Phones. Be that as it may, here i am demonstrating Online Some Advantages and Disadvantages, Which let you know the primary reasons why you ought to root your phone and why if you don’t. So look at it from beneath.

#. Advantages of Rooting Android PhoneRoot Android Phone Without Computer 2016

By and large for root your phone, there are a few advantages and weaknesses. So we have clarified a few stages here, for the focal points and detriments of rooting your Android Smartphone. Beneath i have portrayed a few advantages for rooting your Android Phone.The mail advantages of root android phone is that “you can change everything in your phone and delete applications which is already installed by mobile companies”.

#. Disadvantages of Rooting Android PhoneRoot Android Phone Without Computer 2016

On the off chance that you are Rooting your Mobile Phone, Then there are a few Disadvantages for this Method. It may bring about a few issues in your Mobile Phone. Everything has its Own Advantages and Disadvantages.Here is the some disadvantages :

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  • Your Phone Might Get Damage and It will never turn on. So be cautious before rooting your Android phone in light of the fact that it may Damage your Phone In Serious Condition.
  • On the off chance that your Mobile phone is rooted, then your phone won’t ready to run a percentage of the applications. shockingly, rooting is a procedure, in which you can change framework values.

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#. Orange Backup : Root Android Phone Without Computer 2016

A full Android reinforcement that permits your phone to return to its latest stable state is known as NAndroid backup or reinforcement.

#. GreenifyRoot Android Phone Without Computer 2016

Extra minutes your Android will be loaded with apps that devour a considerable measure of your battery life, or more terrible make your gadget moderate down. Greenify will help to recognize and rest your battery-sucking apps when you are not utilizing them.

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#. Screen Standby : Apps For Rooted Android Phones 2016

The regular presentation timeout that is bringing on your gadget to lose connectionn when the screen is off can be somewhat irritating. To hold that connection whenever your screen is killed you can utilize Screen Standby for that.

Top 5 Free Calling Apps for Android 2016

Top 5 Free Calling Apps for Android 2016

Hello iTechKeys, readers today i will present you the best and top 5 Free Calling Apps for Android 2016. Many from you daily search about this topic , but many of the times , you won’t get perfect answer’s for you questions.So, here you will checkout best android calling app. Due to increase in population of SmartPhones , everyone likes to make free to their besties and  friends. You can make free Video Calling on your Android. In other ways we are connected with our friends through facebook and various other social networking sites.Just like these apps many other apps also provide free voice or video calling facility all over the world at free of cost.

Top 5 Free Calling Apps for Android 2016

Some of these companies provide you free calling service , because they want to increase there users, because they will earn lot of money for it.So today we will talk about these android apps. One thing i want to mention you that , you have a working Internet connection, and on same network app.

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Best 5 Free Calling Apps for Android 2016


#1 Viber

ViberViber is the best and free calling app, which provides the best calling quality from all other free callling apps. Viber is most common app with free video calling all over the world. Viber can manage you contacts which makes us easy to call our contacts directly from app.If you are interested in downloading app , you may checkout it in Google Play Store FREE.

#2 Skype

skype-windowsSkype is most popular desktop free calling software, which is also available for android platform. . Skype is most reliable, superior quality and best performing app. For Video calling and and also for voice their no competition of Skype with others. Skype also offers other features like chatting, voice calling etc, which makes this app best. You can also download this app freely from Google Play Store.

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#3 Tango


Tango is also a great app for making free video calls and voice calls.In very less this app gain very much polarity. Now this app is going to replace Skype for voice calling, now most of the users prefers Tango , to make free calls from android. Tango has a good feature of chatting 50 Friends at a single time. If you are interested in this you may download it from Google Play Store.

#4 WeChat

WeChat-appAs we all know this app gains very much popularity in very short time,because of good advertisements on Indian Markets. WeChat have 300+ million users, and Wechat provides free voice chat, video calling and text messaging. WeChat offers good quality from others.To download WeChat , you may proceed to Google Play Store.

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#5 Line

LINE_appSo, without breaking the chain going to present you the LINE, which allows to make free calls and free video calling. Line have 250+ millions users, and used over 250+countries at current time.  Line have also have the feature of Timeline , whereby you can post your current status, and it will be showed to all of your friends. LINE includes extra ordinary featured like stickers,photo messages etc, which makes it a good app for socialization.If your are interested in downloading LINE you may download it from Google Play Store

If you have any other suggestions , regarding Top 5 Free Calling Apps for Android 2016, then you may comment below, which we will share it with others