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How to Change Folder Colors in Windows

Change Folder Color in Windows

In Window,there are many softwares are available to change folder colours or customize the colors of folder.Today,i am showing to change colors of folder in easiest way and there is a software by which we will change colors.

color folder

color folder

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A Software named as Folder Colorizer.This is free software ,you can download it from google.

Notice : Must Buy Premium Softwares STOP piracy.

Now we will work on this software step by step.

  • Download this software from search from google and install it.
  • After install this software , Right click on that folder which you want change color.
  • there will be a option of Colorize when you will right click on folder Then click on colorize and coose that color which you want. here is a picture for easily customize how can we done.


How to change folder icons in the Folder Marker’s way

Select an icon from the right-click menu of a folder.

Using Folder Marker couldn’t be simpler. With Folder Marker, you’ll mark out folders with the same simplicity as you would copy or cut a folder by selecting this option from the right-click menu of the folder.



There is even no need to run Folder Marker itself! Simply select the folder you want to mark out, select a new icon from the right-click menu and it’ll be assigned instantly. You can change icons not only for one folder, but also for several folders all together with the same one-click approach. Just select the folders with the mouse and choose an icon from the right-click menu.



The icons in Folder Marker are self-explanatory and include many colors, dark and light colors, many categories, and they carry letters and numbers. Of course, the default set of icons can be expanded with the unlimited number of new icons that you have downloaded from the internet, or created in the icon editor yourself. Folder Marker can assign icons to a folder from a wide array file formats, such as ICO, ICL, EXE, DLL, CPL or BMP.

The folders that have been assigned new icons can be made distributable. It means a Folder Marker’s icon will remain unchanged even if the folder is copied onto a removable device, such as a USB-key, moved to another computer or burned onto CD or DVD. To make a folder icon distributable, it is necessary to select the ‘Make customized folder distributable’ option. Besides, there is one more interesting option in the program. It allows you to apply the selected icon to all subfolders inside the folder.

so these are the simple way to color your folder.