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CTrax for Certificate of Insurance Management

In the trucking business, the proof of insurance is vital to every party involved. The trucking industry is a high-risk business so it must remain organized to reduce such risks. For trucking companies hiring moving and delivery trucks, they must acquire a certificate of insurance for independent contractors. This process can cost several hours per month. JDi Data, a South Florida company, has created a solution to reduce the time-consuming task of requiring certificates of insurance from independent contractors. CTrax is an innovative software that can upload certificate of insurance and help eliminate risk and time spent on unnecessary work.

CTrax is perfect for trucking companies hiring independent contractors. Certificates can be tracked at any given time, so there is no need of manual paper filing. Trucking companies that predominately operate by mobility will find that CTrax gives them the ability to remain organized.

Key features assist in the functionality of CTrax system. When uploading documentations Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically comprehends populates the fields with the exact information necessary. Essentially, this feature helps the companies mitigate risk and lets them focus on another task.

Whenever there is more than one job that requires multiple lines of insurance coverage, the projects feature groups them together. The project feature makes categorizing the jobs readily available. Users can also configure automatic workflows to send request renewal to service providers. Every detail is customizable to fit the needs of the business. Another feature is the dashboard feature. This feature allows for the user to conveniently view potential expiring policies and the ability to segment them by the line of insurance division. Collectively, each feature makes CTrax’s system advantageous to the users.

Trucking companies will be happy to know that through CTrax’s it has been proven to deliver a return on investments. When companies operate using CTrax, they are mitigating risks and lowering operating cost for all clients.

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