Experience the best mailing services on Mac with the best app

With the continuous growth in technology many changes are also coming in daily work and routine. It seems that no work can be completed without using the mail services, and because of this the mailing services have gained worldwide popularity. It is used in almost all the fields and has become a big part of your life. There are many apps and websites through which you can check your mails but if you are using a Mac book then you need to install an email app for Mac. Because apple is the most luxurious brand that have its own applications and which run only on its products.

Although there are many mailing apps that can be used in Mac but iMail is the best email app for Mac with many new and exciting features. With this app you can communicate with other to the level of perfection. It has three modes through which you can see your messages over mail. They are:


Conversation view: In this mode the mails are organized in conversation thread on the basis of the conversation done between you and other party.

People view: In people view you can communicate with each other with mails. In this mode the mails are organized in terms of communication.

Attachment view:  With the help of this view you can manage and search any type of file that has come over mail. The file can be of any type that is image, audio, video, pdf file or any other. You can even delete any file or attachment also through which your saving memory will increase.

Features of iMail

Easy search option: With the help of this mail service you can search anything over the mail whether it is any attachment or any email. It has a search bar at the upper side of the page where you can type any word and then it will display a list of result.

Quick reply option:  Suppose you are in a hurry and need to rush, but need to do an important mail….. No problem you can take the help of iMail. It has quick reply option with which it will send the mail within a second. It has a list of responses that you can select according to your need and then hit the nosed button.

Work with other mail provider also: Although iMail only works on Mac operating system but it works with other mail providers also such as Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook, live, Me, icloud, AOL and many more.

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