Greg Chavarria becomes Panel Member at the FLGISA Annual Conference to discuss his perspective on what it takes to be a CIO in today’s landscape

Greg Chavarria recently joined The Florida Local Government Information Systems Association (FLGISA) as a panel member at their annual conference. The yearly event connects innovative technology providers with the IT Managers, CIO’s, and decision makers from Florida’s local government agencies.

Facilitated by author Dan Roberts, Greg and the panel members shared their perspectives on navigating today’s technology-driven landscape as a CIO. Confessions of a CIO, by Dan Roberts, provides a strategic look at how to be an effective leader in our digitally-demanding marketplace. His work parallels the conference’s overall objective, which is to supply professionals with intel on the latest technology trends and create an environment that cultivates networking opportunities.

The FLGISA annual conference, held July 11th-14th, 2017 this year, is a must-attend affair for tech industry personnel.  The accredited event attracted the likes of leading speakers and educators. The theme, “What’s Next? Following the Digital Horizon,” offered insight into emerging technology and the tactics and tools for leveraging industry changes to achieve success. The conference is a welcomed occasion for attendees to tap into the expertise of some of the brightest minds in the tech space.

To be selected as a panel member at such an esteemed event is an honor. Education and workforce development are some of the leading drivers for speakers to participate, who understand the importance of imparting their knowledge on eager attendees. The broad diversity of backgrounds, in conjunction with the range of experience levels, offers a unique occasion for providers and guests alike to exchange valuable information about the ever-changing technology sector.

Greg Chavarria, who specializes in technology leadership, contract administration, IT governance, project management, systems development, and the establishment of progressive strategies, lead an impassioned discussion on his experience as a CIO. From Oracle and MS Sharepoint to Citrix Desktop Virtualization and SQL Server, Greg is constantly seeking out the newest software in the market to update his repertoire of knowledge. With exposure to the latest technologies, Greg provided audience members with the resources necessary for optimizing efficiency in the workplace.  

His presence as a thought-leader in the IT space has no doubt fueled the FLGISA’s interest having him join the annual conference. He has partnered with a myriad of internal and external clientele to implement business processes that are focused on boosting productivity and eliminating inefficiencies. In addition, Greg is an accomplished coach and mentor, helping teams to perfect their craft and deliver high-quality customer service and solutions.

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