Healthy Relationships in the Workplace at ValueMags

Healthy relationships at in the workplace are necessary for businesses to run smoothly and profitably. It has been proven over and over again that when a business does not have healthy relationships with all it’s stakeholders, it is more likely to crash and burn. Take ValueMags for example. The Chicago based marketing agency for magazines and magazine publishers has recently integrated new ways to build relationships within the workplace at their office.


To build relationships between management and staff or between staff and staff/management and management, ValueMags encourages their employees to take time off for lunch and have lunch in their common room. The common room also has recently included a billiard table and ping pong table. Within the office, small games and interaction helps employees get away from the stresses they may be incurring and decompress. ValueMags does not want employees to have stress adding up or for them to be dreading their work. The environment Andrew Degenholtz, the ValueMags President wants to create is an inclusive one where individuals are excited to work. They are excited to be a part of a team working towards a great goal. At the same time, ValueMags also sends holiday cards and emails to their clients, customizing. Customer service regularly calls them to check in, including Degenholtz to make them feel valued.

Every relationship ValueMags and any company incurs is an important one. Customers, clients, distributors, follower, and all other stakeholders are important to ValueMags. They will continue t be throughout their relationships which they hope to grow continuously strong in 2017.

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