How to clean your tire and rims

Rims is very important part of a car, it is hard to change the look of the car once it is purchased because it’s cost you a lot but if you change the rim of the car it will dramatically change the look of your car. Rims come in very different types and designs such as alloy wheels, aluminum wheels, mag wheels etc. these rims can also be known as European rims because it widely used in the European countries or manufactured there, when it comes to rim maintenance it important two maintain the rims, because a maintained rims give your car more enhance look.


How to maintain the rims

There are many automobile cleaners who can provide a good service, but it may cost some money so it is advice that you can clean your tires and rims by your own because it is easy and also not very time taking. Here are some tips from which you can get an idea how to clean your tire and rims. You can also read more about them on the internet.

  • Rims can easily get dirty that why it is necessary to clean them regularly. You can clean your rims by the basic cleaners, clean rag or you can also use rubbing alcohol. If your rims are very dirty then you can a tooth brush or some rough pad for hard cleaning.
  • You can also use a power coating top clean your wheel, you can apply this coating electro statically and due to the heat it produce all the dust particles can be easily removed. This method is considered the most effective method of cleaning of the wheel.
  • If you want that your wheel will shine like a mirror you can use the chrome cleaner, this is one of the most simple and easiest way to remove the rust from the surface of your rim. It is also advised that you can use pressure wash to clean you tire and rim.

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