How to pursue your dream in photography?

Everyone loves photography and for many out there it is a passion and their life. Many people pursue their career in photography and many of them have a dream to become the most popular photographer and own an agency of photography of their own. If you are an amateur photographer and are still in a learning phase then it is advised that you should visit the site 42nd Street PhotoIn this site you get all the proper information about photography, video shooting, which type of camera you should purchase and many more other things.


Tips before photography

It is always advised that before starting the career in the field of photography do some research this will help in getting the information about this field and you will get aware with the pro and cons which are involved in photography.

When you decide to choose photography as a career then you must take a degree in photography. This will teach you the basics of the photography and help you to become a professional photographer. After getting the degree you must purchase a high quality camera, it is up to you which one you chose digital or film camera and you also need a good lens as well as high quality computer, in computer you must have special editing software which will help you to give special effect to the images.

Before conducting your first photographic session always get familiar with your camera in order to capture the better images. Learn all the setting of your camera by reading the manual which you get with your camera. To get used to your camera you should perform a practice session in your home or anywhere else and click the images in various lights so that you will learn how to set a camera in low light or in higher light.

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