Know about why music is important for anyone’s life

When people feel depressed, angry, happy, or even nothing, they need music for every situation no matter it’s your birthday party, wedding or anyone’s funeral. Music is a way for describing your true feelings in front of others. You know that music is a part of your life, and without that you can’t live. Something about the songs you hear connects you with every single word by vocalist. You can feel your emotions in those words. The reason behind the favoritism for music is simple. You like music because you u can relate yourself. experts says that music is an best therapy when you feel depressed and lonely, it’s an psychology that says that when a person hear a music , he feels that he is not only one with that emotion n ,there is somebody outside in the world who is dealing with the same situation. It helps him to fight with his sorrow and loneliness and also gives him strength to fight. There are many top songs that has been released and some are going to released in Top 10 love songs 2017.


Old music vs. new one

It’s an oldest battle between two eras that what are best old songs or new love songs 2017. There are some people who think that old songs were better than new songs and others things opposite. Technically, they both are right and wrong in a same time. Music is ever been bad, however its lyrics and wordings are responsible more making you feel more. If you think that that old songs were more sensible then a new one it may be possible that you are right and it may be possible that you are wrong. It totally depends on the lyrics of the song.

Why it’s important to hear good music

There are many people who things that why it’s so important to choose songs? That is important because that music is can affect your mind and soul. For example, if you are feeling low and little lazy then what you do? You will plug your headphone in your phone and hear some happy songs that will turn your bad mood into good one, so, the question is how that thing happens? And the answer is same. Good music generates a positive vibes in your body that helps I n energetic you. That means it is very important to choose music wisely because it’s going to affect you and it’s your decision that you want bad effect or a good effect on yourself.

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