The Confusion Between the Difference of ORM and SEO’s

Online reputation management and search engine optimization are often confused. As they both play very large roles in reputation management, their purposes are different. Search engine optimization pertains to the advocacy of a certain site or webpage that you wish to see at the top of a Google search. This involves implementing keywords into your content and a number of other tricks. Online reputation management differs from search engine optimization because it includes the organization of your content and managing how it is seen and perceived. It does not concern itself with what order it appears after performing a Google search. SEO’s concerns itself with your website the top of the search results and reserving that top position for as long as possible whereas ORM does not care whether they are first or further down the list. Instead, ORM worries about its content and what can be seen or what attracts people to their site once they are there. ORM is actually more interested in moving competitor sites or negative content sites down the list of search results in order to prevent people from seeing it in order to protect their reputation management efforts.


SEO wants its content to go viral and reach as many people as possible in order to generate business and hits. Online reputation management on the other hand does not put as much emphasis on getting their content to go viral. They are indifferent towards that which is why it is not a priority in online reputation management. Your reputation management team must be clear over what the difference is for their reputation management.

SEO’s also focus on generating as many keywords as possible and figuring out which ones are the most effective. Online reputation management is more concerned with the content rather than getting people to their site. Their concern is keeping people interested once they are there.

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