Tip of choosing a CDN network

Today everyone has become advanced that means every business, office, schools and many more other sector work will be done over the internet. In all these work you always wanted that your content will delivered faster to you that mean your webpage and website will open faster. Behind the delivery of your web content there is a one factor which plays a very vital role and that factor content delivery network (CDN).  This content delivery network will decide that how fast your content will be loaded, this server deliver the content to the user as per their geographic location which means closer the CDN network faster the content will be loaded and vice versa. If you are network provider CDN will prove to be a very essential add in your business and also help you to increase your business.


How to choose CDN network

There are many factors which you need to consider while choosing the Content delivery network such as–

 CDN pricing – Content delivery network pricing is one of the most important factors in CDN. Pricing of the CDN will depend on the region reach, bandwidth, security and SSL. However pricing of CDN will be differing from company to company and what package you choose. You should choose a package according to your needs and the amount of content you need to deliver daily.

API’s – this a very feature which you need to consider when choosing a CDN network, because API provides a good user experience to your users and they enjoy using your CDN. ASI”s also gives your users flexibility, better security and many more add on features. API can also help you with the account management and also in configuration, creating profiles, analysis, host, origins and many more.

Testing – before choosing any package for your CD network you should test the response time of that package as it will open the web page and content fast or not.

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