Understand the Categories of Digital Cameras for Making an Informed Decision

Before you visit the electronic store, it is essential to get familiar with the kind of digital cameras available in the market. If you reside in New York City then visit 42nd Street Photo super store to take a look at the different categories of digital camera suitable for novices and professionals.

Digital single lens reflex (SLR or DSLR) cameras

It is an advanced camera available, but is larger than compact camera. You can check the Nikon D3300 or Canon EOS RebelT5i, which are best example of quality and affordable DSLR cameras.


Key features

  • Shooting modes – Automatic and manual
  • Depth-of-field – Control aperture
  • ISO – Increase sensor sensitivity to light
  • Focus modes – Fixed, servo and hybrid
  • Custom white balance
  • Metering modes
  • Flash control
  • Image stabilization

Lens of DSLR cameras can be changed, as accordance to suit different situations. High quality lens and large sensors in DSLR result in better image quality.

Compact point & shoot cameras

These are popular among novice because they are easy to use, automatic, and small in size. However, there are different models of compact cameras, which vary in styles, features, and price.

Zoom lens of currently available compact camera is three times with 12 megapixels (16” x 20” print size). It is equipped with helpful features like scene modes including portrait, landscape, fireworks, and sports, which makes it easy to take pictures in specific situation. There is no need to perform manual adjustments like lens aperture or shutter speed, it is done automatically while taking picture.

Bridge cameras

Basic compact and Bridge cameras are a little different. Bridge camera gives the user more control over exposure setting because it has semi-automatic, shutter priority, aperture priority, and program modes. Some Bridge cameras have 40X zoom lens so they are also referred as super zoom cameras.

Mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras

These resemble DSLR cameras. Mirrorless cameras allow you to use camera in full automatic, semi-automatic, or manual mode. However, mirrorless is smaller than DSLR and equipped with electronic viewfinder to preview scenes. Mirrorless are appropriate for those, who desire to have pictures with DSLR quality with small size cameras.

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