ValueMags Distribution

One of the most important steps in the ValueMags process is distribution. This is the process in which the product is delivered to ValueMags’ main customers. First, which the purchasing of trucks, operations must make sure each operates well so the driver`s don`t encounter any problem during their deliveries (maintenance). These drivers are on set schedules that indicate when they are driving, to and from where, and the time as well as whom they may be driving with. Often times, when the trucks drivers are driving across the country over a couple of days, they have a partner so they can alternate. Secondly, the trucks need to be loaded and unloaded efficiently and quickly so orders can be delivered on time. This means trucks depart and arrive at all hours of the day and operations are always going. Lastly, the cost of gas, potential damaged goods during delivery, truck maintenance, and lost time are calculated with manual inspection and trackers in the trucks. In the case of ValueMags, sometimes they go by post where they do not have big orders to fill and they are transported by plan and then distributed.


  • The computer application for the distribution process must be able to create a schedule including the make and size of the truck (or plane), time of departure, estimated time of arrival (ETA), and delivery address and location. It must be able to send out an automated message to the drivers to let them know when they are working, have a connection to all trucks to give operations notifications when repairs may need to be done (operations know when something lights up on the dashboard), create loading and unloading schedules with locations and times, track all the trucks on the road, and the cost of gas for each truck.
  • One of two main calculations the application must be able to do for distribution is calculate the gas intake for each truck and when they fill up. A wireless connection will track the trucks knowing where they filled up (the precise gas station) therefore at what price. It will then keep a running total for each truck and trip.

Distribution is a process that ValueMags does with care and attention. They intend to decrease the delivery time for their clients in the next couple of months to retain customers and encourage potential customers.

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